Aircraft Guide
With access to over 7,000 private aircraft, Semperfly will always be able to find the perfect plane for your journey

Propeller Aircraft

A versatile and economical choice, propeller aircraft are ideal for trips where a full runway is not available. They can carry up to 10 passengers and are suitable for short to medium flights.
Featured Propeller Aircraft

Diamond DA42

Cruising Speed: 350 km/h

Range: 1,700 km

Seats: 3

Cessna 421

Cruising Speed: 440 km/h

Range: 2,000 km

Seats: 7

Pilatus PC-12

Cruising Speed: 500 km/h

Range: 2,800 km

Seats: 10

Very Light Jet

A quicker and more luxurious alternative to propeller aircraft, a very light jet will get you to your destination with increased comfort and privacy.
Featured Very Light Jets

Eclipse 500

Cruising Speed:  685 km/h

Range: 2,000 km

Seats: 5

Embraer Phenom 100

Cruising Speed: 750 km/h

Range: 2,200 km

Seats: 5 to 7

Honda HA-420 HondaJet

Cruising Speed: 780 km/h

Range: 2,600 km

Seats: 6

Light Jet

A staple of the business jet industry, a light jet encapsulates luxury, style and efficiency while remaining nimble enough to navigate small city airports.
Featured Light Jets

Cessna Citation M2

Cruise Speed: 750 km/h

Range: 2,870 km

Seats: 7

Pilatus PC-24

Cruising Speed: 815 km/h

Range: 3,600 km

Seats: 8

Learjet 75

Cruising Speed:  860 km/h

Range: 3,750 km

Seats: 9

Mid-size Jet

A very popular choice, a Mid-size jet will provide exceptional levels of comfort for more passangers and charters requiring increased luggage requirements.
Featured Mid-size Jets

Cessna Citation Excel

Cruise Speed: 810 km/h

Range: 3,400 km

Seats: 9

Gulfstream G280

Cruising Speed:  850 km/h

Range: 6,600 km

Seats: 10

Praetor 600

Cruising Speed: 860 km/h

Range: 5,500 km

Seats: 12

Long Range Jet

The pinnacle of long distance private air travel, a Long Range Jet will get you to your far away destination in unmatched comfort and luxury.
Featured Long Range Jets

Dassault Falcon 7X

Cruise Speed: 850 km/h

Range: 11,000 km

Seats: 12 to 16

Bombardier Global 5000

Cruising Speed:  900 km/h

Range: 11,400 km

Seats: 13

Gulfstream G550

Cruising Speed: 850 km/h

Range: 12,500 km

Seats: 14-19

Large Jets

Large Jets are ideal for transporting large groups in comfort while avoiding the hassle of public airport terminals.
Featured Large Jets

Bombardier Challanger 650

Cruise Speed: 850 km/h

Range: 7,400 km

Seats: Up to 19

Airbus A320 Prestige

Cruising Speed:  870 km/h

Range: 7,800 km

Seats: 19-26

Boeing Business Jet

Cruising Speed: 840 km/h

Range: 11,500 km

Seats: Up to 50